For Parents

Check here in Fall of 2018 for "A Restorative Approach: A Guide for Parents"

2018 - 2019
One Day Workshops

Join school leaders from across the country in a more in-depth and comprehensive exposure to the many other tools and techniques that round out a restorative tool kit. These sessions will be conducted in a school-based setting where participants will view a restorative approach in action and build their capacity to lead this movement.

Educational leaders from across the country are talking about the power of restorative justice/approach and some are beginning to use restorative circles to support students, families, staff, and their communities. And many more are experiencing the need for additional resources. While restorative circles are indeed a powerful restorative tool, circles alone are insufficient to address all the challenges facing teachers and leaders as they attempt to shift from traditional behavior management strategies to more proactive and productive transformational approaches.

February 27, 2019 in New York City
May 1, 2019 in Little Rock

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On-Site Customized and Embedded Professional Development

Experienced educators know that the most effective professional development is on-going, embedded, and tailored to specific needs and talents of local teams of teachers and leaders.

RestorativeUS will work with school leaders to help determine the best starting place for the implementation of a restorative approach and the right timeline and schedule of virtual and on-site training and support. This collaboration will result in a short-term or long-term partnership with the goal of establishing a rich set of restorative approach routines, practices, and results. RestorativeUS ensures that when implemented with integrity and commitment, students in restorative schools miss fewer days of instruction and are better able to self-advocate and problem-solve regardless of context or challenge.

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The Restorative Playbook


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The Restorative Playbook is a guide developed to support schools that implement restorative circles but lack additional strategies.

The Restorative Playbook includes 15 tools to address two central challenges of launching or improving a restorative approach: mindset and implementation. Each activity addresses at least one of these challenges and some activities address both. Tools in The Restorative Playbook can help adults shift their thinking and beliefs and equip implementers with strategies to use in the classroom, school, and throughout a district.