What is "A Restorative Approach"?

Restorative Approach: inspired by the restorative justice movement, restorative approach is a way of viewing, managing, and developing social interactions in K-12 school-based settings. The adoption of a restorative approach can create seismic shifts in a classroom, school, district, or community. A restorative approach challenges traditional approaches to how schools manage behaviors and attitudes and values relationship, restitution, and repair above punishment and other counter-productive consequences.

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The Restorative Playbook


The Restorative Playbook is a guide developed to support schools that implement restorative circles but lack additional tools. The Restorative Playbook includes 15 tools to address two central challenges of launching or improving a restorative approach: mindset and implementation. Each activity addresses at least one of these challenges and some activities address both. Tools in The Restorative Playbook can help adults shift their thinking and beliefs and equip implementers with strategies to use in the classroom, school, and throughout a district.


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Educational leaders from across the country are talking about the power of restorative justice/approach and some are beginning to use restorative circles to support students, families, staff, and their communities. And many more are experiencing the need for additional resources. While restorative circles are indeed a powerful restorative tool, circles alone are insufficient to address all the challenges facing teachers and leaders as they attempt to shift from traditional behavior management strategies to more proactive and productive transformational approaches. Join school leaders from across the country in a more in-depth and comprehensive exposure to the many other tools and techniques that round out a restorative toolkit. These sessions will be conducted in a school-based setting where participants will view a restorative approach in action and build their capacity to lead this movement.

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Upcoming Events

Please join us at these upcoming events:
2019 National Principals Conference, July 19, 2019
2019 National Charter Schools Conference, June 30 - July 3, 2019
International Institute of Restorative Practices World Summit, October 20 - 23, 2019
National Association of Career Academies, November 11 - 13, 2019

NCS Conference Announcement

Sue Jamback has been selected as a school organization/culture expert and will participate in the Living Library on July 1 and 2 from 12:00-3:00 for conference participants who want consultations on restorative practices and their impact on school culture. Sign up for this opportunity at the National Charter School Conference in Las Vegas!

About RestorativeUs

RestorativeUS provides a platform for educators committed to transforming American public education through social justice reform where all members of the RestorativeUS community learn, collaborate, and reframe how schools meet the social/behavioral needs of all students regardless of their starting place.

Our Mission

RestorativeUS will help transform public K-12 education such that every student will learn to interact successfully in times of stress, frustration, disappointment, anger, and in the midst of social injustice.


Services We Offer

We provide tools, techniques, and methods to increase the capacity of teachers and school leaders to create and maintain supportive/non-punitive learning environments even in the most challenging environments.

We provide a platform for educators committed to transforming American public education through social justice reform where all members of the RestorativeUS community learn, collaborate, and reframe how schools meet the social/behavioral needs of all students regardless of their starting place.

We provide resources, professional development, and certification to all educational practitioners committed to eliminating ineffective, counter-productive exclusionary practices in K-12 public, charter, and residential settings with a restorative approach.

We provide tools and techniques to teach pro-social skills through supportive interactions and relationships.

Our History

RestorativeUS was officially launched in April of 2018 but has been evolving since 1976 when founder, Sue Jamback, began her career as a public educator. Sue Jamback, M. Ed, has worked in public school settings for more than 40 years as a teacher, principal, leadership coach, charter school founder and school evaluator in inner city communities across the United States.

Most recently, she wrote and distributed the Restorative Playbook, a guide to implementing a restorative approach in schools. Under her leadership, out-of-school suspensions dropped significantly as students, teachers and leaders implement more supportive and effective techniques to develop the social emotional skills of students K-12. Sue has presented at national conferences across the country and in Canada.

Meet Our Leaders


Khori Whittaker

Mr. Khori Whittaker is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Academies. He started his career as a fifth grade teacher in Long Beach, California through the Teach for America movement. He was an early employee at InsideTrack, Inc. working to improve college access and completion rates for students across the country. Mr. Whittaker led recruiting at InsideTrack during a critical growth phase and led InsideTrack’s Community College Impact Initiative team, successfully launching, for the first time, unique student coaching and train-the-trainer programs in two states and ten college campuses. He also served as Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admission at Stanford University. Prior to joining Lighthouse Academies, Mr. Whittaker launched and led the grassroots and community engagement team at the Foundation for Florida’s Future. He serves on the board of trustees of Excelsior College, the board of directors of the Central Florida Urban League, and the advisory board of the Drug Free America Foundation. Mr. Whittaker earned a BA in Economics from Princeton University and a MA in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach.

Sue Jamback

Executive Director
Sue Jamback is a veteran K-12 public school teacher, principal. charter school founder, national charter school network leader, and educational consultant. She has served students, families, and communities in under-resourced urban environments with intent to level the playing field, eradicate the achievement gap, and turn off the tap of the school-to-prison pipeline. Her work with restorative approach has eliminated counter-productive and ineffective out-of-school suspensions while increasing academic achievement in struggling urban communities of New York City; Gary and Indianapolis, Indiana; Lowell, Massachusetts; and Little Rock, Arkansas. She imagines a day when all students, regardless of their starting place in life, successfully persevere and triumph to lead productive, fulfilling, and purposeful lives.

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